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Your Current IP Address

This displays the IP address you are accessing this website from, that is your public IP address. If you are using a proxy or VPN this may show the public IP address of that instead. If you are connecting to the Internet through a router or gateway such as a home Internet connection with an ADSL/Cable Modem/Router this will probably be displaying the public IP address of your Modem/Router.

Current IP Address: Hostname: ec2-3-226-122-74.compute-1.amazonaws.com

Email Address Format Validation Tool

Put the email address you want to validate into the Email field, then click in the Status field and that will be updated to indicate if the Email address is valid or not.

Note this just validates the email address format is correct, whether it is a valid email address that can receive email is another question that can only be answered by attempting to send an email, this tool does not do that.

Email :

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